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ceresproduction's Journal

Ceres Productions
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welcome to ceresproductions,
created, maintained, and used by juno and venus
this community’s main purpose is to house the rpf epic
get it right
a high-quality muse fic
known as g.i.r (not g.i.r.)
(though it may have more collaborations in future)
we are keeping the community members-only
until we decide that g.i.r is ready for the public
(or the public is ready for g.i.r)

our ficcing policies
slashiness is good.
belldom is unrequited love.
but belldom sex is good.
and chris is a character.
(despite the above pic.)
we won't make marauder-fic mistakes.
there is no non-con in g.i.r
dom would never rape matt. ever.
(the above encompass our main goal: to be somewhat true to reality)
also, good-quality writing is paramount.

writing influences in g.i.r
sarah rees brennan
jaclyn moriarty
lorrie moore

we do it for love.
and for sex.
and for decent rpf.
and because juno likes to be an internet vigilante.
and g.i.r has nothing to do with invader zim.

enjoy, even though you can’t actually see the fic.

juno & venus xx
believable belldom, bringing quality to rpf, ddg parallels, epic angst, get it right, good writing, hosted by muse, roman pseudonyms, the chris tag